Our Story



Ivančica was established as a small business made up of a group of shoemakers. Through mutual assistance, updating our knowledge and hard work, we have become a company with over  600 employees – today a leading footwear manufacturer in Croatia. We have grown in size, but the spirit of initial enthusiasm and solidarity has remained the same – from as far back as 1946.


Ivančica produces 3.500 pairs of shoes a day. Since a man takes an average of 18,000 steps a day, and a child even more, we believe that each of these steps is our responsibility, but also our reward.

We are a responsible company, we offer our customers a product that meets health and safety standards and that is controlled at all stages of the production process. Every shoe that we offer on the market is produced in an environmentally friendly way without any harmful substances and compounds such as Chromium (VI). In addition, in the manufacture of our footwear we use exclusively water-based adhesives. We produce shoes that care about the environment, as well as the health of children.


We create innovative, high quality and functional footwear, in a stimulating environment, to the satisfaction of customers, employees and owners.


Our vision is based on increasing market share on foreign markets with the highest quality, modern and most comfortable shoes.

Brand values

Every foot, just like every child, is different. We know that. And this is why we find beauty in the development and production of our shoes. By choosing an individual approach we promise to create according to the wishes of children and parents, and to approach every child in a special way, thus making them happier and more confident.


Quality certificates and awards

In July 2010 we introduced a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2017 certificate, which guarantees the customer the highest possible level of product quality and services in footwear production, wholesale and retail.

We also hold the ISO 14001:2017 certificate, environmental management system. This certificate is proof of how we care about how the impact of production activities are to be controlled to the maximum and to affect the environment in the least possible way.

In our business we use the SAP ERP business information system. The SAP business system contributes to the optimisation of business processes – facilitates the connection of processes and communication in order to achieve optimal effects in all parts of the business – and especially the quality of the product.

Since 2017 we have been using the sign "ZelEn - friend of nature", confirming that the use of electricity in production is obtained from renewable energy sources.
In our business we pay special attention to ecological production and preservation of natural.